Published On: Fri, Aug 11th, 2017

Google Includes Support for Bluetooth In-Band Ringtones with Android 8.0

Every new Android chronicle brings along latest facilities and tweaks. As we all know, Android 8.0 is going to entrance shortly and is already being teased for all a new facilities including picture-in-picture mode, autofill managers, presentation channels and more. All these facilities are in a forehead of a new version, though there are a few inner tweaks that consecrate bigger changes. One such underline on a interior is associated to Bluetooth connectivity on Android 8.0, that now comes with in-band toll feature.

This new underline is found in Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP), and it enables your Android device to send a personalised ringtone to a connected Bluetooth device. It means that with Android 8.0, users will no longer have to hear default beeping incoming call ringtone when connected to a Bluetooth device. The arriving chronicle of Android seems to be elucidate several Bluetooth associated issues including Bluetooth battery turn indicators and Bluetooth audio codec support.

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Google took 8 years to supplement this feature!

Interestingly, a Bluetooth in-band ringtone underline has been requested by users given 2009. We consternation because Google took 8 prolonged years to do such simple request. Google Pixel XL phone using Android 8.0 Developer Preview 4 shows toggling options for permitting tradition ringtone to be played on connected Bluetooth headset whenever a phone rings. Comparatively, iOS had this support for utterly some time. The new underline is dark low inside a Developer options menu, that is a reason because no one was means to mark it earlier. The initial formula commits for in-band support were combined in Apr to a Android Open Source Project.

For those who adore tradition ringtones

As a word goes, improved late than never, we are happy to see that Google finally implemented a underline in a arriving chronicle of Android. This underline might not interest to everyone, though some users adore tradition ringtones and feel ungainly for not conference it on Bluetooth device.

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Android 8.0 is coming a final release, that is because we are digging for all a new facilities that are accessible in a preview versions. The final chronicle will come with some-more features.

Source: XDA

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