Published On: Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

Google Home Gets Preview Program Offering Early Access To New Features, Here’s How You Can Sign Up For It

Google has finally non-stop a Preview Program for Google Home users that will let them use a arriving firmware facilities before a open rollout. This module was formerly limited to Chromecast users. Alongside regulating a new features, users will also be means to give feedback that will concede Google to squish a bugs if any.

The module seems like any other beta module confirmed by Google, though it is not beta software, and a new facilities underneath it will be of “same peculiarity as prolongation chronicle updates.” Google has concurrently updated a Preview Program support page to uncover a inclusion of Google Home to a upheld devices. A Google orator told Forbes that a Preview Program is now full with new slots to be accessible in a future. Regardless of a availability, Google Home users can pointer adult for a program.

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Here’s how we can pointer adult for a Google Home Preview Program

  • Open Google Home app on your device
  • Tap on a hamburger menu (three plane lines) idol on a left and name “Devices.”
  • Now, daub on a Google Home device that we wish to enrol and select a device and afterwards again daub on a Menu Settings Preview Program

If a Preview Program choice is greyed out or disabled, afterwards that means Google is not usurpation new entries currently. If a choice is available, afterwards we can pointer adult for it. You will also be authorised to capacitate or invalidate notifications on email. If we wish to accept a warning for new facilities combined to a program, afterwards it is advisable to capacitate email notifications. To capacitate email notifications, pointer into your Google account Join Program OK. To invalidate email notifications, open a Google Home app Menu Account preferences Email notifications slide a Preview email slider to a left.

How to send feedback

To send feedback for a Preview Program features, we only have to contend “OK Google, send feedback.” and afterwards record your feedback that will be sent to a Google Home support team. You can also send feedback around your Android or iOS device, only safeguard that your device is on a same WiFi network as Google Home.

On Android, open Google Home app Menu Help and Feedback Submit Feedback Report select a device enter your email residence in a form territory and afterwards enter your feedback if we have screenshots to share afterwards check a box “Include screenshot and logs.” daub a arrow idol on a right to send feedback.

Follow a same instructions to send feedback around your iOS device.

How to Leave Google Home Preview Program

To exit from a preview program, open Google Home app Menu Devices Select a device that we wish to remove Settings Preview Program Leave Program.

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