Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018

Google Home can now hoop 3 queries during once

In November, Google Home gained a ability to multitask with combined support for a underline called “multiple queries,” that allows we to mix dual requests into one voice command. For example, “OK Google, spin adult a volume and play music.” Now, Google Home is removing even smarter about multitasking by enabling support 3 requests during once.

The new underline was announced on Google’s @madebyGoogle Twitter comment on Monday, where users fast detected a limitations. Unfortunately for Google’s tellurian patron base, mixed queries is usually accessible in a English denunciation for a time being, in a U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia.

The underline works by mixing voice queries with a word “and” in between them, to apart a opposite requests. Each authority contingency also be a arrange of thing Google Assistant can respond to on a possess though serve submit or clarification.

That means we can’t ask it to usually “set an alarm,” you’d have to contend “set an alarm for 7 AM” so it doesn’t need to ask a follow-up question.

Multiple queries was initial rolled out in Nov 2017, also with small fanfare.

But it’s not a usually approach Google Home can multitask. In February, Google Assistant gained support for Routines, as well, that concede we to emanate tradition workflows kicked off with a singular voice command.

For instance, your “I’m home” slight could spin on a lights, adjust a thermostat and play some music. (Alexa also offers routines, as of final October.)

Meanwhile, during Google’s I/O developer discussion in May, a association rigourously announced mixed queries for Google Home (then referred to as “Multiple Actions”), along with a horde of other upgrades for Google Home Actions. This enclosed Routine Suggestions, that concede voice app developers to prompt users to supplement their app’s Action to a Routine, and Action Notifications, that allows voice apps to warning users to new facilities and content, and more.

Google is not providing an ETA on when mixed queries will hurl out to non-English users, observant usually that: “We demeanour brazen to ancillary additional languages, though have zero to announce during this time.”

Update, 6/12/18, 2:30 PM ET: In box we were wondering because it’s not live nonetheless for we – we know that Google’s Twitter comment might have scooped a tangible launch. The underline will shortly be available, though has not strictly launched during this time.

h/t: Voicebot

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