Published On: Wed, Mar 15th, 2017

Google Home App Gets A New ‘Listen’ Tab For Easier Music Discovery And Streaming

Google has announced an refurbish for a Home app on Android and iOS platforms. With a new update, a app will simply be means to tide song from a accumulation of different song streaming services. The tech hulk published a blog post that states that a new underline will yield a “dedicated space for all your favourite music.”

The new refurbish adds a new “Listen” add-on in a Home app, that enlists over 200+ cast-compatible song apps, that also includes renouned song streaming services such as Google Play Music and Spotify. The categorical application of a new add-on is to offer easy calm curation and playback on TV or other Google Cast connected devices. The new add-on is placed in between a “Watch” and “Discover” tabs. It wants to yield palliate of calm entrance to a users.

In a blog post, Google wrote:

There are some-more than 40 million songs available, on 200+ cast-compatible song and audio apps, to listen to on your favorite speakers. That’s a lot of song to select from, so currently we’re creation it easier for we to find a ideal playlist, manuscript or artist to listen to with a new Listen add-on in a Google Home app, a dedicated space for all your favorite music.

In a new Listen tab, users are offering a list of ready-to-stream and customised song albums curated from user’s favorite song apps like Spotify. In further to Google Play Music and Spotify, a new add-on will also embody other already commissioned song apps on your device. There will also be a territory that lets we learn new song apps. All these facilities would be flattering useful for a users who wish to listen to new song or entrance their favourite songs simply afterwards Google Home app’s Listen add-on would make it easier to find good song that we wish to expel to speakers or TV.

To download a Google Home app, go to a Google Play Store or a App Store. If we already have it afterwards check if your app shows a new “Listen” add-on and try a feature. You can share your knowledge in a criticism territory below.

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