Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

Google hits postponement on Chrome and Chrome OS releases

Google now announced that it is pausing arriving Chrome and Chrome OS releases “due to practiced work schedules.”

The association reliable that we will still see confidence updates, though, that will get joined into chronicle 80, a browser’s stream fast recover version. “We’ll continue to prioritize any updates associated to security, that will be enclosed in Chrome 80,” a group writes in today’s brief announcement.

Don’t design any new underline updates anytime soon, though. Chrome chronicle 81 is now in beta contrast and will expected sojourn in this channel for now. Like so many in this stream situation, it’s misleading when Google skeleton to resume unchanging updates.

Earlier this week, Google also remarkable that Android app reviews will expected now take longer as a COVID-19 pestilence has reduced in-office staffing levels. The same binds loyal for YouTube. As YouTube is holding measures to strengthen a staff, it says it’ll rest some-more on a AI algorithms to assuage calm (which in spin will expected lead to some-more fake positives and YouTube holding down some-more videos that weren’t indeed violating a terms).

With many of Google (and other tech companies) now operative from home, we’ll expected see some-more of these announcements in a destiny as a impact of this predicament becomes clearer in a entrance weeks.

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