Published On: Fri, May 22nd, 2020

Google highlights permitted locations with new Maps feature

Google has announced a new, acquire and no doubt long-asked-for underline to a Maps app: wheelchair accessibility info. Businesses and points of seductiveness featuring permitted entrances, bathrooms and other comforts will now be prominently noted as such.

Millions, of course, need such accommodations as ramps or involuntary doors, from people with singular mobility to people with strollers or other conveyances. Google has been collecting information on locations’ accessibility for a integrate years, and this new environment puts it front and center.

The association showed off a underline in a blog post for Global Accessibility Awareness Day. To spin it on, users can go to a “Settings” territory of a Maps app, afterwards “Accessibility settings,” afterwards toggle on “Accessible places.”

This will means any locations searched for or tapped on to arrangement a tiny wheelchair idol if they have permitted facilities. Drilling down into a sum where we find a residence and hours will uncover accurately what’s available. Unfortunately it doesn’t prove a plcae of those resources (helpful if someone is perplexing to figure out where to get forsaken off, for instance), though meaningful there’s an permitted opening or restroom during all is a start.

The information isn’t automatically combined or sourced from blueprints or anything — like so most on Google, it comes from you, a user. Any purebred user can note a participation of permitted comforts a approach they’d note things like in-store pickup or discerning service. Just go to “About” in a location’s outline and strike a “Describe this place” symbol during a bottom.

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