Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

Google Hangouts Gets Its Own Site, Just Like Facebook Messenger

Everyone wants to be giveaway and standalone. Remember when Facebook Messenger got a possess site that maybe people use though we’re not certain since they don’t speak about it?

Google Hangouts wanted some of that action, too. Starting currently we can go to to make a phone call or ping a friend:


Interestingly enough, a product hasn’t damaged divided from a Google domain yet. It doesn’t even possess Domain names aren’t a clever fit of Google.

Yes, this is also partial of a violation divided that Google+ services are going through, fasten a Photos product in all of a “standalone” glory. we use Hangouts in Gmail on a desktop, though we competence switch over. Having a large aged call symbol is indeed kind of handy.

This is also, of course, a large branding practice for Google. It wants to build absolute brands to contest with other micro-products entrance out of Facebook, Microsoft and Snapchat. Google has Photos and Hangouts, Facebook has Instagram and Messenger and Snapchat is entrance on clever with Stories.

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