Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

Google Glass is behind with hardware focused on a enterprise

Google Glass arguably always usually done clarity as an enterprise-focused product, though now it’s strictly behind and customized for those applications, with Google Glass Enterprise Edition (EE). The wearable head-mounted arrangement has prolonged had a place in a enterprise, even as a genocide as an initial consumer product was being widely reported, though now we know a bit some-more about a EE hardware reconfiguration and Google’s proceed to deploying a revised product (via Wired).

The new Glass EE includes an updated camera procedure that bumps fortitude from 5 megapixels to 8, and it has longer battery life, a softened processor, an indicator for video recording and softened Wi-Fi speeds (most of a spec bumps are what you’d design for a product holding advantage of serve cost decreases on smartphone components). But a biggest change is that a Glass EE procedure is now decoupled wholly from integrated frames, definition it can work with all kinds of existent eyewear, including industrial reserve glasses.

Making it an simply detachable, modular device is a outrageous bonus for craving use, given it can most some-more simply be common and low ported deployed opposite a far-reaching operation of opposite industries. Wired also reports that a Glass EE product is a “full-on production” product with a craving partners, carrying connoisseur from a initial stage.

Google minute a few existent use case, including in a rural machine production industry, medical margin and logistics with DHL, in a Medium post. It’s open to exploring some-more intensity business applications, however, and is now opening adult accessibility by a operation of Glass resolution provider partners.

Some hardware startups had identified a event left behind by Google when it seemed to be subsidy divided from Glass, after a initial craving uptake seemed not to make adult for a consumer failure. Now, however, it looks like Google is vigilant on catering privately to craving applications of a tech, that is good for program and height makers, though competence infer a plea for anyone operative on enterprise-specific AR or HMD headsets.

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