Published On: Wed, Aug 5th, 2015

Google Fiber Is Headed To San Antonio

While this news isn’t accurately sparkling for me usually yet, being in San Francisco, Google has announced a subsequent enlargement city for Fiber…San Antonio. This is a initial proclamation given a finish of January, when Google announced that Fiber would be streamer to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham.

If you’re gripping score, here are a cities that are stream Fiber neighborhoods and those that are watchful to turn one:


While it’s substantially easy to get by a red fasten for Google in San Antonio, a association says a city has a abounding startup stage that could use a rapid Internet. How speedy? In box we missed this absurd video out of Provo, Utah, have a watch:

Politicians in cities are jockeying for cold new sparkling initiatives like this to tempt new businesses and residents, and San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor is no different: “I’m vehement that this could meant extraordinary things for augmenting entrance for affordable Internet services via a community.”

The “affordable” partial hasn’t been a partial of a story yet, that is a unequivocally engaging guarantee of Google Fiber. To date, usually abundant neighborhoods have been given and are job for new customers. Hopefully that changes soon.

And hey. What about us, Google? We get all initial :(

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