Published On: Mon, Feb 22nd, 2016

Google Fiber Is Coming To Huntsville, Alabama

Google now announced that it is bringing a gigabit Fiber use to Huntsville, Alabama. As Google remarkable in today’s announcement, each city it has brought Fiber to is different. In Huntsville, a association is piggybacking on a fiber network that Huntsville Utilities is building in a city.

That’s a opposite proceed for Google. With a difference of Provo, Utah, where Google is regulating a fiber network it acquired from a city, and Atlanta, where it is regulating a brew of new and existent networks, a association has typically built a network from scratch.

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In Huntsville, it will be providing a use on tip of a municipally owned network. This means that once a network is ready, Google might only be one of a series of companies that could offer their services over a same quick network.

“Google’s opening into a marketplace bolsters a high-tech legacy, energizes a entrepreneurs, tinkerers and engineers, and supports a high peculiarity of life Huntsville is famous for delivering,” pronounced Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle. “Fiber to a home is a Internet infrastructure for a 21st century. It is as critical to a peculiarity of life as roads, water, cesspool and electricity.  It will turn a benchmark for cities opposed for talent.“

If all goes according to plan, Huntsville will turn a 10th city to offer Google Fiber service. Fiber is now accessible in Kansas City; Provo; Austin, Texas; and Atlanta, Ga., though Google has already announced it skeleton to move it to 5 some-more cities, including Nashville, Tenn.

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