Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2018

Google Earth now lets we magnitude distances and areas

Only a few years ago, Google Earth was a usually unsentimental approach to see all of Google’s satellite and 3D imagery. These days, Google Maps flattering many offers all of a mapping facilities that infrequent users need, though Google continues to sensitively rise Earth and today, a association announced it is adding an area dimensions apparatus to a use on a web (today), Android (later this week) and iOS (“coming soon”).

Now that’s apparently not an earth-shattering new feature, generally given that we have prolonged been means to magnitude stretch with a practical ruler in Google Maps, too. But a further of a underline for measuring area seems useful, generally for students.

As is so mostly a case, some-more than anything, a launch of this new underline is a sign of how many overlie there mostly is between Google products — and not only in a discuss app category. Indeed, saying this proclamation was a initial time we suspicion about Google Earth in years, we think. And while Google Earth has a few facilities that Maps doesn’t now offer, including tours, for a many part, there doesn’t unequivocally seem to be a need for a web and mobile versions of Earth these days. And because is Google adding an area dimensions apparatus to Earth, though not to Maps?

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