Published On: Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

Google Earth Gets Massive Update With Guided Tours, 3D View, and Voyager Features

As we reported earlier, Google was formulation to move some poignant changes to Google Earth. And today, Google has finally pushed a vital refurbish for it, that brings a slew of new facilities onboard that creates Google call it a “new Google Earth.”

One of a vital facilities that debuted on a height is Google Earth Voyager. It offers “guided tours” around a universe presented by Jane Goodall or BBC Earth. There seems to be an glorious preference of tours listed underneath a list in Voyager. If we are looking to learn new locations for your subsequent outing – Voyager is all we need.

In addition, a tech hulk has also combined Knowledge Cards to Earth, that let we entrance in-depth information about places that we wish to revisit or are meddlesome in. You can review these Knowledge Cards whenever we wish to get cordial by new information. These cards are also a partial of Voyager feature. Other than acid for new places on a planet, we can also fetch Knowledge Cards to find about associated places.

Regardless of how nifty these facilities are, we do need to know what we wish to hunt on Google Earth. For a ones who have no thought about what to search, we can always use Google’s aged propagandize “I’m feeling lucky” feature. If you’re a extraordinary creation trotter afterwards a revampled interface of Google Earth would greatfully your eyes. Besides, we can also click on a die idol in a left sidebar to let Google Earth fly we to a pointless plcae on a planet.

Google writes about new Home territory underneath Voyager:

We wish that after visiting your residence in a new Google Earth, you’ll be desirous to see someone else’s. Get started with a special Voyager story called This is Home, a tour into normal homes from cultures around a world. You’re invited to step inside a Peruvian chuclla, a Bedouin tent and a Greenlandic IIoq, and accommodate a people who live there. Check behind to revisit some-more homes in a entrance months.

There is a new 3D symbol that lets we take an upclose and personal perspective of famous landmarks on a planet. If we come opposite your favorite landmark, afterwards we can share it as a practical postcard with your friends. Google has also enclosed a new hunt duty to Google Earth VR, that also bears support for Oculus headsets.

The improved and bigger Google Earth refurbish has overhauled a whole opinion of a software. You can have some-more fun on Google Earth with all a code new features. It is now live on Google Chrome and it will be accessible of Android, after this week. For iOS and other browser users, we will have to wait for some time.

Brand New Google Earth

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