Published On: Mon, Oct 9th, 2017

Google Duo App Gets Deeper Integrations With Android Apps Like Dialer, Contacts & Android Messages

Google’s video-calling app – Google Duo has been by levels of updates in a past months. These updates brought new facilities on a app. Now, Google is bringing deeper formation of a app with other apps on Android, and by a looks, it all looks utterly promising.

When launched, Google Duo came opposite as a unchanging video/audio job app that works on opposite platforms and is directly related to your phone number. The app has a top palm in a connectivity shred as it even works for uneven internet connections. Also, facilities like “Knock Knock” on a app make it a improved choice for those who wish privacy. The Knock Knock underline shows a live video of a tourist if a target has a hit combined to their list.

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Regardless of all a useful features, Google Duo didn’t utterly perform as expected. Which is because Google is now bringing facilities and integrations that will assistance a app to get a much-deserved courtesy from a users. According to a news by Android Police, Google is integrating Duo into a Dialer, SMS, and contacts app on Android. It will put Duo in a effective entrance areas for a users, as they no some-more need to open a app separately, it will be permitted from other apps too.

Google Duo

Photo Credit: Android Police

Integration with a Dialer app

In a latest refurbish for Google Dialer, a hunt engine hulk has combined a ability to check Duo calls in a dialer’s story alongside phone call logs. Google is also fixation a ensign in a dialer app that describes a Duo app to a users. There is also a dedicated symbol for Duo app in a Dialer app, that will launch a app directly.

There is an difference though. If your conduit supports a possess video-calling service, afterwards a Dialer app might uncover that app if a target also has a same app commissioned on his phone.

You can find these latest integrations in a Google Phone app’s chronicle 13 and also on a newly launched Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. It is a given that Google Pixel 2 phones will underline a dedicated Duo app symbol in a dialer app.

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Furthermore, Google is also adding Duo in a SMS app (Android Messages) and even in a Contacts app. So, we can’t run divided from a Duo app. Android Messages’ chronicle 2.6 will see a new Duo by-pass to any review with recipients who also use Duo.

To know some-more about these integrations, we can check out Google’s support page. We have favourite Google Duo app, now, with these new integrations, it will be engaging to see if it increases a user base.

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