Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

Google Duo Adds Audio-Only Call Option, Google Photos Now Uploads Photos Much Faster

Google Duo and Google Photos are in a routine of receiving smashing updates. We have all a sum in one place.

Voice-only Calls for Google Duo Faster Photo Uploads in Google Photos – At prolonged Last

So far, Google’s Duo and Photos apps have been quick in doing what they do best – make video calls and offer a shining photos knowledge that’s accessible opposite mixed devices. However, these services aren’t so good if we are in a plcae where Internet connectivity is intensely shoddy, or delayed during best. Today though, with several updates to a aforementioned apps for both iOS and Android, Google aims to change a few things.

The new updates are directed towards bringing a improved knowledge in areas where Internet connectivity is intensely delayed or limited. Starting with Google Duo, a company’s video job app, is now adding an audio-only call option, a underline that has been rumored for utterly some time now. With this new option, we will be means to stay connected with friends and family members even when information connectivity is not that great. Also, this underline ensures that we finish adult carrying a some-more ‘personal’ review rather than vouchsafing everybody around we who we are chatting with.

Google Photos, on a other hand, is receiving an refurbish that’s intensely great. Instead of subsidy adult print in full high peculiarity each singular time, a new refurbish will force an upload that’s good adequate to be noticed on a smartphone over a 2G network. But once we bond to a quick Internet tie or WiFi, a upload will continue in full high quality.

The Google Duo refurbish is now accessible for users staying in Brazil, and will be accessible to everybody else in a days to come. Google Photos will also accept an refurbish in a entrance days, with a code new underline now accessible to users in Brazil usually as well.

If we haven’t downloaded Duo or Photos yet, afterwards we can do so from a links combined below.

  • Download Google Duo for Android
  • Download Google Duo for iOS
  • Download Google Photos for Android
  • Download Google Photos for iOS

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