Published On: Tue, Dec 17th, 2019

Google sum the proceed to cloud-native security

Over a years, Google’s several whitepapers, detailing how a association solves specific problems during scale, have frequently spawned new startup ecosystems and altered how other enterprises consider about scaling their possess tools. Today, a association is edition a new confidence whitepaper that sum how it keeps a cloud-native design safe.

The name, BeyondProd, already indicates that this is an prolongation of a BeyondCorp 0 trust complement a association initial introduced a few years ago. While BeyondCorp is about changeable confidence divided from VPNs and firewalls on a fringe to a particular users and devices, BeyondProd focuses on Google’s 0 trust proceed to how it connects machines, workloads and services.

Unsurprisingly, BeyondProd is formed on flattering most a same beliefs as BeyondCorp, including network insurance during a end, no mutual trust between services, devoted machines using famous code, programmed and standardised change rollout and removed workloads. All of this, of course, focuses on securing cloud-native applications that generally promulgate over APIs and run on complicated infrastructure.

“Altogether, these controls meant that containers and a microservices using inside can be deployed, promulgate with any other, and run subsequent to any other, securely; but burdening particular microservice developers with a confidence and doing sum of a underlying infrastructure,” Google explains.

Google, of course, records that it is creation all of these facilities accessible to developers by a possess services like GKE and Anthos, a hybrid cloud platform. In addition, though, a association also stresses that a lot of a open-source collection also concede enterprises to build systems that belong to a same platforms, including a likes of Envoy, Istio, gVisor and others.

“In a same proceed that BeyondCorp helped us to develop over a perimeter-based confidence model, BeyondProd represents a identical jump brazen in a proceed to prolongation security,” Google says. “By requesting a confidence beliefs in a BeyondProd indication to your possess cloud-native infrastructure, we can advantage from a experience, to strengthen a deployment of your workloads, how your their communications are secured, and how they impact other workloads.”

You can review a full whitepaper here.

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