Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

Google Delays Pilot Of Ara Modular Smartphone Til 2016

There are Google (Alphabet) moonshots such as a plan to penetrate death/extend tellurian life. And afterwards there is a things sharpened utterly a lot reduce than a moon — aka projects that also seem spectacularly doubtful to eventually broach a successful product.

To wit: Project Ara, Google’s (Alphabet’s) modular smartphone concept. It’s not orchestral adequate to be a moonshot, though it’s crazy adequate to exist distant from a Nexus smartphone roadmap. Let’s call it Alphabet jazz.

The Project Ara moodmusic has been sounding a modular balance from Mountain View for several years now. Google got concerned in the plan via Motorola back in 2012, retaining a Ara group when it offloaded Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. It produced Ara anxiety designs for developers in Apr 2014, and showed off a operative antecedent during a I/O discussion this May — gnawing a print of a audience with a removable camera module.

But a latest Ara-shaped records emanating from Mountain View are unhappy trombones: The group has suggested that a designed commander of a tech this year has been delayed.

A debauch of tweets in a final few days — a initial from a Ara group given May — reveals a 2015 marketplace commander in Puerto Rico is off. And a commander will now apparently take place subsequent year (“#yeswearelate”) — somewhere in a U.S (“market commander re-reoute… recalculating”).

The group blames “lots of iterations” for a check to a pilot:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 during 9.13.27 AM

The forgive of ‘lots of iterations’ frequency bodes good for shipping a modular smartphone in tellurian (rather than galactic) timescales. Modular = lots of transmutable parts. Which means that lots (and lots) of iterations are going to be par for a march — stretching and stretching dev time like a square of space junk coming a blackhole.

And so a ‘Ara in development’ balance looks set to sound on. And on. At slightest until/unless Alphabet conductor Larry Page calls time…

But then, arguably, a principal indicate with such Alphabet Moodmusic projects is not unequivocally about delivering a viable blurb product during all.

It’s about attack a right records to plan a certain picture onto a underlying ad business — which helps make Google (Alphabet) appear more, well, Googley. And less, er, data-sucking-vampire-squid-y. Arguably you could contend a same for Google’s Alphabet brand rejiggery too.

There’s another M word for this; it’s called marketing.

In that respect, nonetheless Ara stays vapourware, a plan continues to deliver for Page and co — with a colorful promises of user customizable hardware and pardonable reuse/recycling of smartphone parts.

Delayed dreams sojourn dreams, after all, and so a moodmusic plays on…

Hasta el futuro Ara!

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