Published On: Thu, May 7th, 2020

Google delays Android 11 by a month

Google currently announced that it is fluctuating a preview duration of Android 11 by about a month. So instead of rising a beta this month, as it had formerly planned, it’ll recover a fourth developer preview currently instead. The initial beta will strictly launch on Jun 3, during an Android-centric online eventuality it’ll reason in lieu of a I/O developer conference.

“When we started formulation Android 11, we didn’t design a kinds of changes that would find their proceed to all of us, opposite scarcely each segment in a world,” Google’s Android organisation writes today. “These have challenged us to stay stretchable and find new ways to work together, generally with a developer community. To assistance us accommodate those hurdles we’re announcing an refurbish to a recover timeline.”

Google records that it wants to accommodate a needs of a Android ecosystem, that has apparently started work on early app contrast for Android 11 formed on a company’s guidance, with a stream sourroundings during a coronavirus pestilence and a other priorities that come with that. Delaying a recover by a month seems like a reasonable proceed in this context.

Google says developers should aim a Beta 1 recover date of Jun 3 for releasing a concordant app to accumulate feedback from a incomparable organisation of Android Beta users. And that organisation will be incomparable because, like with prior releases, Google will make over-the-air updates accessible to users who opt in to a beta and have a concordant device. The list of concordant inclination for a beta stays to be seen, though it’ll expected embody all new Pixel phones, starting with a Pixel 2.

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