Published On: Thu, Feb 18th, 2016

Google Decouples Play Games From Google+, Lets Gamers Choose Their Own Names And Avatars

Until today, we indispensable a Google+ comment to use Google Play Games, Google’s online gaming service for bringing online multiplayer gaming, video recordings and amicable facilities like profiles and leaderboards to Android games.

Today, Google is rising an refurbish to Play Games, however, that removes this requirement. All we need to pointer adult now is a unchanging Google comment and instead of carrying to use your genuine name (or during slightest a one compared with your Google+ profile), we can now select any pointless Gamer ID and avatar to represent you.

Google tells me these changes will hurl out globally over a march of a subsequent week, so if we don’t see it right away, only give it a few some-more days.


Google is also now creation it easier to pointer into Play Games. Instead of carrying to pointer in for each diversion separately, all we have to do now is pointer in once for your account. After that, you’ll be automatically sealed in when you install a new app and start a new game.

As Google product manager Benjamin Frenkel (who now goes by a Gamer ID of ‘Caldorf’ on Google Play Games) told me, Google done these changes to urge a amicable knowledge and to mislay as most attrition as probable — yet this is also apparently partial of Google’s altogether routine of consciously uncoupling a services from Google+.


Starting today, we can select a new Gamer ID in a Google Play Games app. If we already have a Play Games account, we will also be asked to set adult a Gamer ID a subsequent time we pointer into a new diversion that is Play Games enabled.

As Frenkel told me, your Gamer ID is related to your email residence and we will be means to hunt for your friends by their email addresses (and, of course, their Gamer IDs). As Google notes, though, we can always select either to make your Play Games activity and form open or private and whether others can find we by your genuine name and email address.

To personalize your account, we can now also select from over 40 avatars to paint we in Play Games. For now, we can’t customize these avatars, yet Frenkel left a doorway open for some-more customization options to arrive in a future.

Google says most developers won’t have to make any changes to their games, unless they combined some additional scopes to a sign-in process. All those developers would have to do is to mislay these additional calls, though, and a routine should only work for their apps, too.

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