Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2017

Google confirms the merger of information scholarship village Kaggle

Google currently pronounced it is appropriation Kaggle, an online use that hosts information scholarship and appurtenance training competitions, confirming what sources told us when we reported a merger yesterday.

The association done a proclamation during a Google Cloud Next discussion this morning in San Francisco, while not disclosing a terms of a acquisition. But it’s not all that startling that Google would wish to snap it up. With hundreds of thousands of information scientists on a platform, it would give Google a evident ability to enlarge a strech within a AI community. As it increasingly goes head-to-head with Amazon on a cloud computing front, it’s going to need as most of an corner as it can get.

This, too, will assistance Google get a code some-more confirmed within a information science community — yet it’s already a tack interjection to a projects like TensorFlow. Google is confronting augmenting foe as a AI space breaks into verticals, like unconstrained pushing and low learning, opening adult holes that smaller and incomparable companies can exploit. That could theoretically remove Google from a review as a association with a best AI operations, that is famous for watershed AI moments like violence a Go universe champion.

Buying Kaggle, and a mindshare within a community, will also substantially assistance with recruiting. Google needs to safeguard it keeps gnawing adult a best talent that specializes in low learning, competing with other companies like Pinterest (which focuses on visible search). Even if this isn’t a some-more specialized tech acquisition, it means that Google is broadening a concentration to try some-more perpendicular approaches to safeguard a prevalence in AI.

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