Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

Google Cloud takes aim during Microsoft business with new Windows VMs

Google announced several new products currently directed during luring IT pros who are regulating Windows in their information centers to a Google Cloud Platform.

With that in mind, Google introduced support for Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise and Windows Server Core on a Cloud Platform. In addition, a association announced support for SQL Server Always-On Availability Group for business who are endangered about high accessibility and disaster liberation when using vicious operations in a cloud setting.

What this means in unsentimental terms is that IT pros can now launch pre-configured practical machines using any of these products on Google Cloud Platform, and compensate for them by a notation — or they can pierce an existent SQL Server permit they have already paid for.

Chris Sells, lead product manager for Google Cloud Developer Tools says this is partial of a broader plan to support Windows products on GCP. First of all, he says, it shows Google’s prepared to take on craving business using these Windows products. Secondly, it’s partial of a bigger bid that began final year when Google began ancillary other Windows products such SQL Server 2008 and 2012. Today’s proclamation is usually an prolongation of that.

Perhaps some-more importantly, it also provides an choice for companies that don’t wish to indispensably be tied to Microsoft but still need to run Microsoft products. “Microsoft provides these capabilities and they possess Windows and SQL Server, though we are anticipating that lots of business are looking for alternatives to Microsoft,” records Sells. By providing these kinds of products, GCP is anticipating to captivate these people to their platform.

It’s partial of a bigger story that began when Diane Greene came on house to run Google Cloud during a finish of 2015. Greene brought with her years of craving experience, including her army as co-founder and CEO during VMware. As Greene told TechCrunch final spring, a craving is “becoming a super engaging place” and she clearly wants to lead Google Cloud Platform to get a square of that action.

Sells says they see this proclamation as partial of bringing Greene’s craving prophesy to fruition, and while it’s usually a tiny square of that altogether craving push, it is partial of a counsel bid to constraint some-more normal craving marketshare and pierce it to Google’s cloud.

“We wish to make certain we have a good place to put their data. If it’s in SQL Server and they wish to keep it there, we support them,” he says.

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