Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Google Cloud opens the Seoul region

Google Cloud currently announced that a new Seoul region, a initial in Korea, is now open for business. The region, that it initial talked about final April, will underline 3 accessibility zones and support for probably all of Google Cloud’s customary service, trimming from Compute Engine to BigQuery, Bigtable and Cloud Spanner.

With this, Google Cloud now has a participation in 16 countries and offers 21 regions with a sum of 64 zones. The Seoul segment (with a noted name of asia-northeast3) will element Google’s other regions in a area, including dual in Japan, as good as regions in Hong Kong and Taiwan, though a apparent concentration here is on portion Korean companies with low-latency entrance to a cloud services.

“As South Korea’s largest gaming company, we’re partnering with Google Cloud for diversion development, infrastructure management, and to interpose a operations with business intelligence,” pronounced Chang-Whan Sul, a CTO of Netmarble. “Google Cloud’s segment in Seoul reinforces a joining to a segment and we acquire a opportunities this beginning offers a business.”

Over a march of this year, Google Cloud also skeleton to open some-more zones and regions in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Jakarta, Indonesia.

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