Published On: Thu, Apr 5th, 2018

Google Cloud gives developers some-more insights into their networks

Google Cloud is rising a new underline currently that will give a users a new approach to guard and optimize how their information flows between their servers in a Google Cloud and other Google Services, on-premises deployments and substantially any other internet endpoint. As a name implies, VPC Flow Logs are meant for businesses that already use Google’s Virtual Private Cloud facilities to besiege their resources from other users.

VPC Flow Logs monitors and logs all a network flows (both UDP and TCP) that are sent from and perceived by a practical machines inside a VPC, including trade between Google Cloud regions. All of that information can be exported to Stackdriver Logging or BigQuery, if we wish to keep it in a Google Cloud, or we can use Cloud Pub/Sub to trade it to other real-time analytics or confidence platforms. The information updates each 5 seconds and Google promises that regulating this use has no impact on a opening of your deployed applications.

As a association records in today’s announcement, this will concede network operators to get distant some-more discernment into a sum of how a Google network performs and to troubleshoot issues if they arise. In addition, it will concede them to optimize their network use and costs by giving them some-more information about their tellurian traffic.

All of this information is also utterly useful for behaving forensics when it looks like somebody might have gotten into your network, too. If that’s your categorical use case, though, we substantially wish to trade your information to a specialized confidence information and eventuality government (SIEM) height from vendors like Splunk or ArcSight.

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