Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Google Cloud acquires mainframe emigration use Cornerstone

Google currently announced that it has acquired Cornerstone, a Dutch association that specializes in assisting enterprises quit their bequest workloads from mainframes to open clouds. Cornerstone, that provides really hands-on emigration assistance, will form a basement of Google Cloud’s mainframe-to-GCP solutions.

This pierce is really most in line with Google Cloud’s altogether craving strategy, that focuses on assisting existent enterprises pierce their bequest workloads into a cloud (and start new projects as cloud-native solutions from a get-go).

“This is one some-more instance of how Google Cloud is assisting craving business update their infrastructure and applications as they transition to a cloud,” pronounced John Jester, VP of Customer Experience during Google Cloud. “We’ve been creation good strides to improved offer craving customers, including introducing Premium Support, improved aligning a Customer Success organization, simplifying a blurb constrictive routine to make it easier to do business with Google Cloud, and expanding a partner relationships.”

A lot of businesses still rest on their mainframes to energy mission-critical workloads. Moving them to a cloud is mostly a really formidable undertaking, that is where Cornerstone and identical vendors come in. It doesn’t assistance that a lot of these mainframe applications were created in Cobol, PL/1 or assembly. Cornerstone’s record can automatically mangle down these processes into cloud-native services that are afterwards managed within a containerized environment. It can also quit databases as needed.

It’s value observant that Google Cloud also recently introduced support for IBM Power Systems in a cloud. This, too, was a pierce to assistance enterprises pierce their bequest systems into a cloud. With Cornerstone, Google Cloud adds nonetheless another covering on tip of this by providing even some-more hands-on emigration assistance for users who wish to solemnly update their altogether smoke-stack but carrying to re-architect all of their bequest applications.

Google brings IBM Power Systems to a cloud


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