Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Google Cloud acquires cloud temperament government association Bitium

Google Cloud announced currently that it has acquired Bitium, a association that focused on charity enterprise-grade temperament government and entrance tools, such as single-sign on, for cloud-based applications. This will fundamentally assistance Google improved conduct craving cloud patron doing opposite an organization, including doing things like environment confidence levels and entrance policies for applications operative opposite their Cloud and G Suite offerings.

Bitium was founded in 2012, and targets both midst marketplace and incomparable craving customers,. It’s been charity a single-stop resolution for handling Google Apps, Office 365, amicable network, CRM, partnership and selling tools, while ensuring organizations sojourn agreeable with confidence standards.

The idea of Bitium is to facilitate a routine of administrating and regulating renouned cloud-based applications so that users aren’t tempted to enter a sinful area of “shadow IT,” where they tumble behind to their possess personal accounts opposite these services since a craving choice is sub-standard or formidable to access.

It sounds like Google wants to continue a work that Bitium was doing on a own, and extend it to additional focus partners, while also gripping a height open to other third-party temperament government providers that confederate with craving business on a one side, and Google Cloud and G Suite on a other.

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