Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

Google Chrome 61 Beta Brings Web Share API, WebUSB, Payment Request API and More

After rolling out Chrome 60 for Mac, Windows, and Linux, alongside Android, chronicle 61 of Chrome is now starting to hurl out to a beta channel.

Chrome group has been operative on a formation of Payment Request API into Chrome for utterly some time now. In May 2017, Google strictly integrated this API to capacitate purchases from third-party websites within Chrome. Companies are nonetheless to adopt this new API system, though this complement should shortly be integrated to make remuneration checkouts easier. It looks like Google is bringing this underline to a desktop with Chrome 61 beta.

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Chrome 61:Web Share API

With a beta version, Chrome also gets poignant new APIs that deliver improved local app functionality to a system. These new APIs make calm pity on amicable networks easier. Earlier, developers had to supplement particular pity symbol for opposite amicable media websites, that mostly lead to bloatware and confidence flaws.

Besides, it also used to poise problem for a users by not vouchsafing them share with a services that they indeed use. For Android, developers will have to use a new navigator.share API on Chrome that will open a local Android share dialog, that will capacitate pity of content or links with other commissioned local apps on their phone. In a subsequent release, this API will also get a ability to let users share media with commissioned web apps.


Besides, Chrome 61 also brings support for a WebUSB API that enables web apps to correlate with mechanism peripherals like keyboards, mouse, and printers. While high-level web height APIs already support many of these peripherals though specialized educational, scientific, or industrial USB peripherals lacked this support, and users had to implement vulnerable drivers and program with system-level privileges. With WebUSB API, Chrome now enables web apps to correlate with peripherals on user’s consent. This lets users take full advantage of all a peripherals in a secure ecosystem but downloading outmost drivers.

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Automatic Full Screen

Regarding user experience, Chrome 61 brings involuntary enlargement ability for videos to go full shade on “rotate for content” that uses local controls. Furthermore, Chrome Custom Tab would now launch instead of a full browser when users navigate from commissioned web app to an outmost website. For extended security, Chrome 61 automatically exits full shade when JavaScript dialog opens.

Network Information API and Device RAM API

Other changes in a new chronicle embody Network Information API on a desktop, that lets websites obtain tie information of a device. Similarly, Device RAM API allows websites to guard RAM use to optimise a opening of web apps.

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