Published On: Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

Google brings Q&As to Google Maps

Google is rising a new underline for Google Maps for Android and mobile hunt today: doubt and answers. I’m certain it won’t come as a warn when we tell we that this underline allows we to ask questions about a place and answer other users’ inquiries and indeed, it’s that straightforward.

Starting now, when we find a place in Google Maps, for example, we can corkscrew down in a business’ inventory and find a new QA territory between a business’ sum like phone numbers and a “popular times” widget. Unsurprisingly, you’re not expected to find any questions there nonetheless (and we don’t consider there’s a esteem for seeking a initial question), yet that’ll expected change over time.

Google is also enlivening business owners to use this for an FAQ section, and a association records that business owners will get a presentation when somebody asks a question.

With this move, Google is expanding the existent efforts to move some-more user-generated calm to Maps. It already rewards users who examination businesses, upload photos, yield information about a business and scold listings that are wrong. This QA territory is some-more interactive than the existent offerings, though, and it’ll be engaging to see how users — and businesses — will use it (and how Google will military it).

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