Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Google brings Meet to Gmail on mobile

Google currently announced a deeper formation between Gmail on mobile and a Meet video conferencing service. Now, if we use Gmail on Android or iOS and somebody sends we a couple to a Meet event, we can join a assembly right from your inbox.

That apparently isn’t radically opposite from how things work today, where Gmail will take we right into a Meet app, yet a vital disproportion here is that we won’t have to implement a dedicated Meet app anymore to join a call from Gmail.

The second and maybe bigger refurbish — and this one won’t launch until a few weeks from now — is that a mobile Gmail app will also get a new Meet add-on during a bottom of a screen. This new add-on will uncover we all your arriving Meet meetings in Google Calendar and will concede we to start a meeting, get a couple to share or report a assembly in Calendar.

If you’re not a Meet energy user, afterwards we can spin this add-on off, too, that we assume a lot of people will do, given that not everybody will wish to give adult shade estate in their email app for a dedicated Meet button.

It’s engaging to see that Google is perplexing to move Gmail and Meet so closely together. The act of relocating between dual opposite apps for email and meetings never felt like a burden, yet Google clearly wants some-more people to be wakeful of Meet (especially now that it offers a giveaway tier) and mislay any attrition that could keep intensity users from regulating it. The association already integrated Meet into a Gmail web app, where it felt flattering healthy given that Gmail on a web prolonged featured support for Hangouts (RIP, we guess?) and a predecessors. On mobile, though, it feels a bit forced. Hangouts, after all, was never a built-in partial of Gmail on mobile either.

Google is creation Meet giveaway for everyone

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