Published On: Fri, Dec 16th, 2016

Google brings the upgraded keyboard app Gboard to Android

Google today officially announced that it’s rebranding a Google Keyboard focus for Android users to “Gboard,” a name sported by a newer keyboard app that sports a fully integrated Google Search engine, emoji and GIF search, and more. The keyboard’s Android launch had been spotted progressing this week by a series of media sites and blogs, who had also noted app arrived with a few new features, as well.

Gboard was initial launched on iOS around 6 months ago, as a means of giving Google a improved approach to confederate a hunt engine on users’ devices. Instead of putting it into a apart app, Google bundled hunt into a shade people use a many – their keyboard.

On Android, Gboard includes a same underline set as found in a iOS predecessor, as many of its changes were more about adding gloss and addressing a few user concerns, rather than overhauling a core experience.


In a new app, we can now daub a Google trademark to start your hunt – a tweak that creates entrance to Google search a bit some-more obvious.

The advantage of carrying hunt built in like this is that hunt formula can be simply common from your keyboard. This comes in accessible when we wish to share a business’s address, weather, moody times, news articles, grill info and some-more with your friend, but carrying to launch a apart app to puncture adult that information. Gboard will also envision probable searches, formed on your discuss that we might find possibly really useful or super creepy.

For example, a association explains, if you’re chatting with a crony about a weather, a app might offer a prophecy for “Weather” that we could afterwards share with a tap.

The app includes built in GIF and emoji search, too, like a iOS chronicle does. A crafty trick here is that Google creates it quicker to find a right emoji. Instead of scrolling, we can only do a hunt for a one we wish (e.g. “monkey”).

One new underline that arrives with a Android app is an choice to always show the series quarrel on a shade – something that was one of users’ complaints about a keyboard layout. The app combined support for mixed languages, as well, that will assistance bilingual users with their searches and a app’s predictions.


You can also select to spin on Glide Typing, if that’s your elite mode of content entry. And a app offers a customary lineup of keyboard facilities like content predictions, autocorrect, and voice typing.

Gboard will work in over 100 languages as it rolls out currently to all markets, and some-more will be combined in time.

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