Published On: Thu, Sep 21st, 2017

Google brings the resources for founders and startups to a singular site

Google launched “Startup with Google” today, a new site that brings together all a company’s resources for founders and their startups.

As a name implies, a concentration here is on Google’s possess tools, services and initiatives (think all from Firebase and Android Studio to Analytics and Google’s several cloud confidence tools), yet a site also highlights accelerators and events sponsored by Google yet run by third parties. In addition, a new site also showcases Google’s network of Campus coworking spaces and a Launchpad accelerator programs.

What’s maybe even some-more engaging about a new site, though, is that it also facilities a territory about best practices. Those embody sections on hiring, how to best lead a team, lift funding, conceptualizing new products and other topics applicable to startup founders. Those sections also mostly prominence Google’s possess resources (often from its re:Work project), of course, yet it’s apparently distant reduction self-promotional than a Tools and Community territory and there’s copiousness of useful information here.

Google argues that a startups in a ecosystem have lifted over $3.9 billion in appropriation and have combined over 40,000 jobs given 2011. Google didn’t contend how many of them are still around and how most income they’ve returned for their investors, yet that’s a flattering large ecosystem, even if it doesn’t utterly review to numbers of some-more close startup networks like Y Combinator.

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