Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

Google brings the GIF-making Motion Stills app to Android

Google final year introduced an app called Motion Stills that directed to assistance iOS users do some-more with their Live Photos – including being means to stand out becloud frames, stabilise images, and even spin Apple’s Live Photos format into some-more sharable GIFs. Today, Google says it’s bringing Motion Stills to Android, along with a few changes.

Obviously, Android users aren’t in need of a Live Photos picture modifying tool. Live Photos, after all, are a format Apple introduced behind in 2015, permitting iPhone users to snap photos that spur with a touch.

And with a introduction of iOS 11 after this year, Apple is rolling out a series of built-in collection for modifying Live Photos, serve expelling a need for third-party applications in method to do things like cropping, picking out a pivotal photo, or requesting effects – like a new loop outcome that will make your Live Photos play some-more like a GIF.

It creates sense, then, that Google would now find a use box for some of a Motion Stills record on a possess Android platform.

The association says a Android app includes a new recording knowledge where all we fire is immediately remade into short, sharable clips. To use this feature, we simply constraint a Motion Still with a tap, like holding a photo. If that sounds a lot like Google is introducing a possess take on Live Photos, well…you’d substantially be right.

Another new underline called Fast Forward lets we revoke a longer recording into a brief clip, as well. This works with recordings adult to a notation long, and a video is processed right on your phone. You can adjust a playback speed from 1x to 8x after recording. Google sum some of a record it’s regulating to make this possible, including how it encodes videos with “a denser I-frame spacing to capacitate fit seeking and playback;” and a use of “adaptive temporal downsampling in a linear solver and long-range stabilization.”

Or, in tellurian speak, it’s creation some-more stable, smoother clips we can simply share with friends, even if a strange footage was super shaky.

The association shows this off in a sped-up shave of a bike float over a mud path:

Meanwhile, in terms of branch unchanging recordings into GIFs, Google introduced new record as well. It says it redesigned a existent iOS video estimate tube to use a streaming proceed that processes any video support as it’s recording. It afterwards stabilizes a picture while behaving a loop optimization over a full sequence. Again, translated, this means we can fast make a recording and immediately get a smoothed-out GIF to share as a result.

The association says a new app is meant to be a place where Google can continue to examination with short-form video technology, and hints that some of a improvements might make their approach to Google Photos in a future.

The Motion Stills app for Android is accessible as a giveaway download on Google Play and works on Android 5.1 and higher.

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