Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2018

Google brings the Assistant to Android Auto

It’s no tip that for Google, this year’s CES is all about a Google Assistant. One Google product where a Assistant hasn’t unequivocally done any inroads yet, though, is Android Auto. Starting this week, though, Android Auto users in a U.S. will also get full support for a Assistant in their cars.

Now we might consider that a Assistant was already accessible in Android Auto, given that a use always responded to voice requests. But for a many part, that was still a aged Google Now-style assistant, not a newer Google Assistant (yeah, we know, this is confusing). Maybe a biggest disproportion here is that we will be means to entrance all of your third-party Google Assistant services and control your intelligent home inclination from your automobile now, too.

How do we know if you’ve been upgraded? If we still see a 4 relocating bars when a voice hunt starts, afterwards you’re still on a aged system. After a upgrade, these will change to a Assistant trademark with a circles.

Looking ahead, Google will also capacitate Assistant-based splash orders from Starbucks and parking space reservations by SpotHero.

All of this will, of course, also be accessible in a Android Auto app, that works even if we don’t have an Android Auto-enabled car. As Google told me forward of today’s announcement, a association also spent a bit of additional time to optimize a Assistant for Android Auto for a in-car experience.

Google has a bit some-more adult a sleeve here, though. It’s also operative with automobile manufacturers to build a Assistant right into their cars but a need for a phone. In addition, Google is also now operative with Kia and Fiat Chrysler to give a Assistant entrance to their cars fuel levels and to concede users to close their cars with their voice, for example. That’s something a lot of manufacturers now assign for, so it’s engaging to see them operative with Google on this. These kind of facilities were already accessible on a series of Mercedes Benz and Hyundai cars.

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