Published On: Thu, Aug 20th, 2015

Google Brings Interactive Watch Faces And Built-In Google Translate Support To Android Wear

Android Wear’s watch faces are removing a bit some-more engaging today. Developers were always means to arrangement a lot of information on their watch faces, though users couldn’t correlate with it. Starting today, however, you’ll be means to implement interactive watch faces that concede we to pull adult some-more information and launch apps with a daub right from a watch face (and developers will be means to build them).

Also new in this refurbish is built-in support for Google Translate, that will work even if we don’t have Google Translate on your phone.

Google Translate on Android Wear supports 44 languages and works with a built-in microphone in your watch. You simply pronounce into a watch, flip your wrist, and out comes a translation. Translate will automatically commend what languages are being spoken.


For a new watch faces, Google already worked with a series of developers to exam this new functionality.

BITSThe Bits watch face, for example, shows tiny circles with the series of unread emails, internal temperature, date and other information around a core of a screen. When we daub on any of these, a watch face changes and brings these circles into focus. That’s significantly easier than carrying to appropriate by a garland of Google Now notifications on your watch.

Google also worked with Under Armour to build an interactive fitness-centric watch face, and a Together watch face is ideal for all we lovebirds out there who wish to share photos and emojis with your partners.

In total, a Google Play store now facilities only over 20 interactive watch faces.

image00This update to Android Wear is now rolling out as an over-the-air refurbish to all Android Wear watches (except to my Moto 360, since after reduction than a year, it can’t reason a assign anymore). This refurbish also brings Wi-Fi support to a LG G Watch R.

It’s value observant that it looks like a new Samsung Gear S2, that a association teased progressing this week, looks like it will underline likewise interactive watch faces, too. The teaser video showed a few rarely interactive watch faces and during a time, a arrogance was that it would have to run Tizen and not Android Wear, simply since those kinds of watch faces weren’t probable with Android Wear.

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