Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

Google bans the ads on sites that use those irritating ‘pop-unders’

Google currently simplified a change to a ad policies, that have now been updated to embody a anathema on Google advertisements on any websites that implement “pop-under” advertisements. These obnoxious, vitriolic and mostly spammy advertisements are those that bucket “under” your stream window – definition we don’t see them until we minimize your browser.

“We do not trust these ads yield a good user experience, and therefore are not suitable for Google ads,” a association explains in an proclamation per a new policy.

The change means that Google ads can't run on a pop-unders themselves, and that a website triggering this form of announcement won’t be means to run Google ads, either.

Along with this, Google says it’s also no longer permitting a ads on web pages that seem as a pop-ups, in further to a ad anathema on pop-under pages.

The association already has other ad policies around pop-ups, observant that they can't meddle with site navigation, change user preferences, trigger downloads, or discharge viruses (thankfully). Plus, publishers can’t place Google ads on any site with some-more than 3 pop-ups. However, publishers have to also be obliged for any ad networks or affiliates they have on their site that could use these methods.

The process refurbish is meant to daunt website owners from using user-unfriendly advertisements, and are a outcome of Google’s ongoing research of rising trends, a association notes. It dynamic a change was required in sequence to “maintain a healthy ads ecosystem that advantages both publishers and advertisers,” says Google.

This is frequency a initial time Google has polished a manners around ads. It infrequently takes measures to downrank misbehaving sites in hunt results, too, even if they’re not using AdSense ads.

For example, final summer, Google pronounced it would downrank mobile sites that use pop-up and interstitials starting in Jan – a some-more clumsy means of removing publishers to change their immorality ways, than simply updating ad policy, as it announced today.

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