Published On: Wed, Mar 15th, 2017

Google Assistant Might Soon Get A Screen Search Button That Performs Manual Searches

Google has rolled out a AI Assistant to roughly all a inclination using Nougat and Marshmallow smartphones in a US. Now, with Google Assistant’s increasing participation on Android devices, a tech giant is formulation to make it even smarter by adding shade hunt feature.

Many users took to Reddit for pity a screenshots of Screen Share underline on Google Assistant. A new What’s on my screen” symbol is placed subsequent to a “Share screenshot” option. It also means that now a aged routine to appropriate adult shade for hunt won’t work and “Send feedback” symbol has also left from a screen. For now, Google is contrast a new underline with name users, that means that not all a users could see them on their app.

A Reddit user common a information on a new feature, he said:

“Triggering GA now seems to immediately benefaction me with a options of possibly acid a shade or pity a screenshot. The appropriate adult for shade hunt functionality no longer works for me. we really cite this to a aged routine nonetheless it is still one daub some-more than Now on Tap used to need. A small unhappy that OCR content preference has still not done a jubilant return, though one can hope!.”

While a new duty does not make a poignant impact on a altogether capability of a app, though it’s good to see Google stepping out of a box to deliver new tools. The change is flattering useful when it comes to entrance screenshots choice and use it as now they won’t need to corkscrew by a list. Notably, for a users of Now on Tap, Screen hunt is not as quick as appropriate adult a option, and it also lacks in loading hunt results.

Google has not reliable a inclusion of a new symbol yet, that could meant there are chances if Google during all introduces a new facilities on a wider scale. The association initial tests a underline on name inclination and afterwards decides either to hurl it out to all a devices.

If we are one of those who does not like Google Assistant and would rather have Now on Tap back, afterwards we can review this essay to switch back. The routine is flattering simple, and in few steps, we will get absolved of Google Assistant.

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