Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2018

Google Assistant is adding Routines and location-based reminders

Alongside news of Google Assistant’s stirring multilingual support and a further of some-more languages this year, Google also announced this morning a intelligent partner would shortly be gaining dual new features: Routines and location-based reminders.

Google has been earnest Routines were in a works for some time.

The feature, that lets Google Assistant users fibre together mixed commands, was initial announced behind in Oct 2017. With Routines, we can emanate personalized commands and responses – for example, observant “OK Google, I’m home,” could spin on a lights, adjust a thermostat, and play some music.

It’s a underline that opposition Alexa announced in Sep 2017, and launched a following month. Google is personification locate adult here, though it’s doing it quickly.

This isn’t a usually approach that Google Assistant can multitask, however. Before, we could contend dual commands in one judgment – like “turn on a TV and what’s a weather?”, and a intelligent partner could perform both actions.

However, Routines will support restraining together some-more than dual commands, and will associate them with a trigger phrase.

According to Google, Routines will initial launch in a U.S. in a weeks ahead, and will concede users to personalize 6 routines that assistance with morning commutes to and from work, and their dusk during home.

In further to Routines, location-based reminders is another new underline set to hurl out in a nearby future.

This choice is already accessible in Google Assistant on smartphones, though it will now be integrated into Google Home devices, as well.

Of course, a Google Home intelligent orator stays in one plcae itself – though it can be used to emanate a location-based reminders we wish to be alerted about after on your phone.

For example, we could tell your Google Home device to remind we to buy divert when you’re during a grocery store.

Google didn’t give an accurate launch date for possibly underline as it’s a staged rollout, though says they’ll start nearing subsequent week.

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