Published On: Fri, Oct 20th, 2017

Google App Finally Brings Customisation Options To The Search Bar, Check It Out

We had famous this for a few months that Google is formulation to pierce some new facilities to a hunt bar in a Google app. The categorical underline that is entrance onboard is a ability to customise a widget. Earlier this underline was usually accessible on third-party launchers like Nova.

Today, Google started rolling out an refurbish to Google app, that brings a customisation underline to a hunt bar. At first, usually a few users had an entrance to new features. The updated new hunt widget has zero new to offer when it comes to a coming though it now houses some-more options than before, that brings us to a all new “Customize” choice in a widget. This symbol houses all a options accessible to customise a widget.

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Google App

Photo Credit: Android Police

As speckled by Android Police, a new “Customize” option in a Google app widget enables users to change a figure of a widget, transparency, Google trademark style, colours and more. The Google trademark can be practiced to enrich a wallpaper on your home screen.

To capacitate a new hunt widget on your Android smartphone, all we have to do is to check either your phone is using a latest chronicle of a Google app. Every new underline in a Google app has started rolling out in a beta chronicle 7.14.15. Keep in mind that these are server-side changes, so might not be live on your phone only yet.

It’s good that Google has finally updated a hunt widget, though even with a new customisation option, it is still a small behind third-party launchers. Anyway, it is a good change for a users who don’t rest on third-party launchers.

The updated Google app is still in beta version, though it will shortly pierce to a fast version. It has not changed to a Play Store nonetheless so we can download it around APK Mirror.

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Try out a new chronicle and let us know if we like all a new options in a hunt widget. Share your thoughts in a criticism territory below.

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