Published On: Fri, Jun 23rd, 2017

Google Announces VR180 Video Format To Promote VR Content, Partners with Lenovo & LG for Cheap Cameras

Google wants to boost VR calm and to do that it has launched an all new video format. The tech hulk has announced VR180 video format to push VR calm opposite platforms. With a assistance of new format, certified VR inclination will be capturing half of a 360-degree operation and concentration some-more on a primary theme placed right in front of a camera.

The association believes that a new VR180 video format would make it easier for a makers to emanate VR content. Google has combined VR180 in partnership with a Daydream team. Google says that a VR180 format would be of high fortitude and it would “look good on desktop and on mobile.” The format will safeguard a well-spoken transition when noticed on VR observation platforms like Cardboard, Daydream, and PlayStation VR.

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Not only providing high-quality VR content, Google’s new VR video format would also support live streaming but requiring a makers to make adjustments in a normal workflow.

In a blog post, Frank Rodriguez, Product Manager, VR during Google writes:

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For creators, you’ll be means to set adult and film your videos a approach we routinely would with any other camera. And, soon, you’ll be means to revise regulating informed collection like Adobe Premiere Pro. From vlogs, to makeup tutorials to song videos – your videos will work good in VR. But ancillary a format is only a beginning. We wish to make cameras that are easy to work with too.

Google VR180

Google VR180

Partnering with LG, Lenovo for affordable VR180 concordant cameras

To make a new video format renouned among masses, Google’s Daydream is operative with manufacturers like Lenovo, LG, and YI to “build cameras from a belligerent adult for VR180.” The initial device from partnering makers would make a entrance this winter. Besides, Google is also rising a acceptance module for other third-party manufacturers who would like to partner with Google for VR180.

The inclination entrance out for VR180 are not targeted on professionals, Google is eying normal consumers who would buy them and use a video format for digest VR accessible videos. To make a arriving inclination appealing to unchanging consumers, Google claims for gripping a pricing identical to point-and-shoot cameras.

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