Published On: Wed, Aug 5th, 2015

Google And MIT Researchers Demo An Algorithm That Lets You Take Clear Photos Through Reflections

Whenever we try to take a print through a craft or hotel window, chances are there are copiousness of reflections that uncover adult on a final design and hurt it. Now, however, Google and MIT researchers have found a approach to take these photos and automatically mislay these reflections and other obstructions.

In a paper they will benefaction during Siggraph 2015 later this month, Tianfan Xue, Michael Rubinstein, Ce Liu and William T. Freeman uncover how we can take a brief video method with your phone and afterwards let their algorithms do their magic.

Reflections, sleet drops and fences mostly disappear from a final image. The algorithms looks during a opposite images from a video and afterwards figure out what’s an deterrent in a forehead and what’s partial of a background. Others have attempted this before, though nothing of their formula are as good as what these researcher came adult with.


And here is where it gets spooky: since a algorithm has to detect a thoughtfulness in a window, for example, it can also emanate a transparent design of a thoughtfulness (or a blockade — though many fences we have ever seen aren’t really interesting…). That’s a kind of sci-fi things we customarily see on bad patrolman shows (the kind where a technician can always wizz in on a permit picture or thoughtfulness in a window, no matter a fortitude of a image).

Sadly, there’s no word on when this will come to a smartphone camera nearby you.

To entirely conclude this, check out a video below:

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