Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2018

Google and Levi’s ‘connected’ coupler will let we know when your Uber is here

Remember Project Jacquard? Two years ago, Google showed off a “connected” jean coupler designed mostly for bike commuters who can’t fiddle with their phone. The coupler launched this past fall, in partnership with Levi’s, charity a approach for wearers to control music, shade phone calls, and get directions with a daub or brush of a cuff. Today, Google is adding some-more functionality to this square of intelligent clothing, including support for ride-sharing alerts, Bose’s “Aware Mode,” and plcae saving.

The facilities arrived in a Jacquard height 1.2 refurbish that strike this morning, and will continue to hurl out over a week ahead.


It’s arrange of peculiar to see this commuter coupler adding ride-sharing support, given that a primary use case, so far, has been to offer a safer approach to correlate with record when we can’t use your phone – namely, while biking, as showcased in a jacket’s promotional video. (See above).

But with a ride-sharing support, it seems that Google wants to make a coupler some-more organic in ubiquitous – even for those times you’re not actively commuting.

To use a new feature, coupler owners connect Lyft and/or Uber in a messenger mobile app, and allot a “rideshare” ability to a snap tab on a cuff. The coupler will afterwards forewarn we when your float is 3 mins divided and again when it has arrived. When users accept a notification, they can brush in from their coupler to hear some-more sum about their ride.

Another new further is support for Bose’s Aware Mode, that picks adult surrounding sounds and sends them to a user’s ear by upheld headphones. The underline is useful in terms of charity some sound rebate but losing a ability to hear critical things function around we – like coming vehicles, horns, and other people, for example.

Jacquard will now concede users to spin any gesticulate into a toggle for Aware Mode to spin it on or off for Bose’s QC30 and QC35 headphones.

And lastly, a coupler will support being means to dump a pin on a map to save a plcae afterwards see, share or revise it from a app’s Activity screen.

The coupler continues to be a extraordinary examination with connected wardrobe – generally given that most of what a coupler can do, can now be achieved with a smartwatch these days.

Google and Levi’s aren’t pity sales numbers, so it’s tough to pronounce to adoption during this point, either.

However, a Google orator did tell us that “[Levi’s is] pleased with a response and continue[s] to be vehement to hear from people about what’s useful and what requests they have once they squeeze a jacket.”

Given a further of ride-sharing support, one wonders if maybe a concentration is expanding over a bike commuters crowd, to those who only don’t like carrying their smartphone out, in general.


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