Published On: Tue, Apr 3rd, 2018

Google AI and hunt arch John Giannandrea stairs down

It looks like Google is creation some changes to a AI team, starting during a top. As The Information initial reported, Google’s AI arch John Giannandrea is withdrawal his post. Last year, Giannandrea stretched his purpose as a company’s AI chief, after fasten Google in 2010, to embody search, too.

We reached out to Google and a association reliable these changes. According to a spokesperson, Giannandrea motionless to step down. The move, a association tells us, will concede him to get some-more hands-on time with record and a bargain is that he will stay during Google.

During his reign during Google, Giannandrea kept a flattering low profile, with few open appearances. For a many part, a left that purpose to others in a company.

The stream conduct of a Google Brain project, Jeff Dean, who assimilated Google behind in 1999, will take Giannandrea’s purpose in Google’s AI group, and Ben Gomes, a company’s stream VP of hunt engineering, will spin a company’s new hunt chief.

Overall, this is a bit of a extraordinary spin of events, though it does make clarity to move a Google Brain plan and a company’s other AI initiatives underneath a singular umbrella.

As he told me during a Disrupt eventuality in San Francisco final year, his perspective of AI is flattering unsentimental and, while he acknowledge a need for ethics to surprise AI investigate and products, he really isn’t disturbed about a AI apocalypse. “I’m really not disturbed about a AI apocalypse,” he said. “I only intent to a hype and soundbites that some people are making.”

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