Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

Google Acqui-Hires Work Chat Startup Pie To Build Engineering Team In Southeast Asia

Google currently announced that it is building a initial engineering group clinging to Southeast Asia, and the search hulk has gobbled adult Pie, a Slack-like group communications service based in Singapore, to kick-start things.

Pie, that lifted $1.2 million in appropriation final year led by Gree Ventures, is a initial merger Google has finished in Southeast Asia. The startup offers an craving discuss app that helps teams promulgate though email. Its nine-person group will transition to Google in full and a Pie chat service will be shuttered.

The merger was undisclosed — both Pie owner and CEO Pieter Walraven and Google declined to criticism on a cost of a deal.

Pie’s simple grounds is was really many like Slack — and a horde of other, improved saved rivals in Asia like Eko and ChatWork — and it tried to compute itself by focusing on a really basic experience targeted during non-technical companies. We had listened recently that Pie was in a routine of raising new funding — it seems, then, that things had turn wily adequate for an exit to Google to be a many attractive way to proceed.

The deal, that is an acqui-hire, has been finished to boost a new Google group that will concentration on building products for Southeast Asia in a same approach that Google has finished in India over a past year. We’re saying some of a fruits of Google’s internal efforts there — it is rolling out giveaway WiFi on a country’s railways, has made dedicated apps, opened a YouTube prolongation studio, and added offline facilities to YouTube — and we can design identical things in Southeast Asia, a segment that’s home to more than 600 million people.

In and with this deal, Google announced that it is hiring engineers and uninformed graduates to join a new unit. It also non-stop a new internship module for stream students, who are being offering a possibility to spend 12 weeks at its Sydney bureau in Australia.

Finally, Google put a call out to existent staffers in a U.S. who wish to ‘come home’ to Singapore or pierce to a city-state. The association will reason an eventuality during a Mountain View on Mar 8 with some-more information — that’s particularly for existent employees, however.

Caesar Sengupta, who is clamp boss of Google’s “Next Billion Users” team, explained in a blog post that a association needs to focus a group to simulate a many differences in Southeast Asia:

The computing knowledge for many of these first-timers, entrance online in places like India, Indonesia and a Philippines, is really opposite from a one many of us grew adult with — and not a one that many of Google’s services were creatively designed for. Their categorical (and in many cases, only) “computer” is a low-cost smartphone. Connectivity is costly in propinquity to incomes, and frequently sketchy – websites, maps and generally videos can take mins to bucket and mostly time out. And for many, there is only not adequate applicable calm accessible in their language.

These aren’t easy problems to fix, though we’d like to do a improved pursuit of addressing them. That’s because we’re building a new engineering group in Singapore – to get closer to a subsequent billion users entrance online and to rise products that will work for them.

Southeast Asia, that once seemed like a partial of a universe lost by tech companies, is viewed as an area with measureless potential thanks to rising smartphone sales and high Internet activity. Twitter, Google and Facebook are among a tellurian firms that have offices there, and a segment is increasingly appealing to tech companies and startups in China and India that find out abroad expansion opportunities.

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