Published On: Thu, Sep 7th, 2017

God of DIY Brings a Headphone Jack Back to a iPhone 7! [Video]

Scotty from Strange Parts progressing done a video where he managed to make an iPhone 6s out of gangling parts. This time, he is behind with another plan where he unveils how to move behind a headphone jack on a iPhone 7. While there are several accessories that will yield harmony options to bond your 3.5mm peripherals, we can't assign and use a handset for media expenditure with headphones plugged in simultaneously. That is where Scotty brings his soldering sorcery to a list and gets started.

A Custom Circuit Board Had to Be Designed From Scratch to Bring Back a Headphone Jack on a iPhone 7

From drilling a hole in a iPhone 7’s aluminum framework to perplexing out countless experiments, Scotty came to a end that a usually approach a phone was ever going to underline a headphone jack was if a tradition circuit house was going to be designed.

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The circuit house that he designed was distant too vast to fit in an iPhone 7 so regulating his contacts, he managed to significantly revoke a distance and density of a house while progressing a same functionality of permitting a headphone jack and Lightning pier to run in unison.

Next, he went to his crony and regulating formidable machinery, drilled a hole regulating an Xbox controller and attempted to make a ideal round to accommodate a headphone jack. After several unsuccessful attempts, that enclosed dual damaged displays, he finally got a iPhone 7 to concede song playback and assign during a same time.

Scotty perceived a boatload of inspirational Facebook messages, emails and some-more indicating that he should sojourn persistent, that he did though he also suggested one some-more thing to a public. He’s done a singular book board which allows users to insert a 3.5mm headphone behind and Lightning wire all during once.

He’s also reached out to Apple by his video that if they need someone that can place a headphone jack in a arriving iPhone 8, a association should hit him since all he wants to do is assistance a normal consumer.

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Source: Strange Parts

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