Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2015

Gmail To Auto-Populate Google Calendar With Things Like Flights, Hotel Bookings And Ticket Details

For a while, Gmail information like moody information has been flush in Google’s hunt product. One could suppose that that information would make clarity in other places…like Google Calendar. Ding ding!

Google announced currently that a starting to hurl out facilities that will place ticket, flight, hotel and grill into onto Google Calendar. Automatically.

For example, if we buy a flight, lease a car, book a hotel and set reservations for a day we get into city for business, all of those equipment will be combined to your Calendar if a accurate time for those events are available. Your moody would uncover adult during 4, reservation during 9…you get a idea.


events-gmail-noticeThis will be incited on by default, though we can simply spin it off in Gmail Settings. It’s a cold feature, though could get flattering irritating if fake positives start removing tangled into your calendar. Of course, we can undo a equipment after they’re added, though it competence be too late once we start removing buzzes for things we didn’t unequivocally need to be alerted about.

One of my favorite uses of this information is seeking Google Now “When is my flight?” and removing a answer and other sum that will assistance me out. The some-more information Google has, a some-more things they can do like this to assistance make the lives easier.

Featured Image: dafnecholet/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE

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