Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

Gmail Is Dropping Support for Older Versions of Google Chrome – Windows XP, Vista Most Affected

Google doesn’t customarily announce when it discontinues support for comparison versions of a Chrome browser. Changing a tradition, a Mountain View hunt hulk posted progressing now that users of Google Chrome chronicle 53 and earlier would be redirected to a simple HTML chronicle of Gmail starting from December.

Time to refurbish Google Chrome… Or your OS?

Users mostly don’t caring that chronicle of Chrome they are using. The wordless refurbish complement ensures that many of a users are always on a really latest chronicle accessible for a browser. However, there can be mixed reasons since some people can’t ascent – comparison handling complement chronicle being one.

Google is now charity we some-more inducement to embankment your Windows XP and Windows Vista since Chrome will no longer support Gmail. Starting subsequent week, those who are still regulating Chrome chronicle 53 or progressing will notice a ensign during a tip of Gmail alerting them of a change.

The association is now creation it a requirement for users to be on during slightest Chrome 54 to continue carrying full entrance to Gmail features. Google remarkable that those who still don’t ascent to a latest Chrome chronicle won’t be means to advantage from unchanging confidence updates sent out to a browser. “Gmail will be some-more exposed to confidence risks and users will not have entrance to new facilities and bugfixes,” a association remarkable in a blog post.

According to stats, Windows XP still creates adult 5% of a tellurian desktop browser marketplace share. While Microsoft has been pulling users to ascent to a latest Windows 10, Google discontinuing support for Gmail competence only be another small incentive to those adhering to XP.

The association suggested those who conduct Chrome browser for others, to refurbish their users to a latest chronicle of a browser. “Depending on what handling complement your users are on, we might need to quit them to a upheld complement to get a latest chronicle and features,” a association added.

“Gmail no longer ancillary Chrome Browser chronicle 53 and below”

Starting Feb 8, 2017, we will uncover a ensign during a tip of a Gmail interface for users who are still on Google Chrome Browser v53 and next to inspire upgrading to a latest chronicle of Chrome, now on chronicle 55. Chrome Browser v55 contains several critical confidence updates.

Gmail users that are still on Windows XP and Windows Vista are a many expected to be affected, since v49 was a final expelled chronicle that upheld those handling systems. As formerly announced in Apr 2015 and Nov 2015, these systems are no longer confirmed by Microsoft, and we strongly inspire we to quit to some-more secure and upheld systems.

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