Published On: Tue, May 8th, 2018

Gmail for iOS gets Google Pay and snooze features

Happy I/O day! The large uncover hasn’t indeed kicked off, though a Google news continues to drip in. If you’re among those regulating Gmail on iOS, check a App Store right now for an refurbish that brings a integrate of pivotal new facilities to a app.

The some-more engaging of a dual is a further of Google Pay, that creates it probable to “pay anyone with an email address,” according to a developer notes. You can entrance that by ticking a connection symbol and scrolling all a approach down.

From there, you’ll find options to send or ask income around Pay. Of course, this all gives Google a good small leg adult on Apple’s possess Pay app, that isn’t baked into Gmail.

The other large refurbish here is Snooze. Once inside an email, click a tip bar to find a choice in a list of functions. From there, we can select from a series of presets, including “Later Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Later This Week,” “This Weekend” and “Next Week.”

You can also select a tradition date and time or a distant some-more regretful “Someday,” as we boyant down a stream on your homemade raft, wondering where it all went so terrible wrong.

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