Published On: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

Ghost Recon Wildlands Title Update 3 Improves Game Stability & Introduces Live Season Challenges


-First Season of Live Season Challenges will be live on Tuesday, Apr 18th. The hurdles and their mandate will be permitted from a diversion menu once a actor is in-game.


-Fixed a bug where a GPS would arrangement a track for “El Emisario” instead of “Special Transport”

-Fixed “The Chemist” teleporting when evading in certain situations

-Reload prompt no longer appears when accessing a authority wheel

-Fixed “Marcus Jensen” goal not updating for a customer while in 2-players coop

-Fixed an gigantic XP feat in remove missions

-Fixed a bug where a VIP wouldn’t seem in a lorry when replaying “Death Truck”

-Fixed a bug where “Target too far” would stay on shade in “The Mole” goal after locating a Unidad captain

-Fixed missions NPC not spawning if a actor leaves and lapse to a area in “The jackass doctors”

-Fixed a bug where El Cerebro’s Assistant would not get into a automobile after unwell a goal in “El Cerebro”

-Fixed Bowman’s call not triggering if a actor quick transport during Pac Katari’s call

-Fixed a publisher not exiting a automobile if another actor completes a “Free a journalist” design in “The journalist”


-Fixed a bug where a actor could get stranded in a menus after validating a tutorial

-Fixed GPS blinking when a actor moves distant divided from a target

-Fixed wrong series of Kingslayer files displayed on a tacmap in Media Luna and Inca Camina

-Fixed a “Controls” territory of a options menu not responding in certain occasions

-Fixed a bug where a “Return to area of operations” summary would sojourn on a shade even after returning to a area of operations

-Fixed a bug where a design of systemic activities would not arrangement on a HUD

-Pressing a R3 symbol while in newcomer position of a car will now arrangement behind view


-Added a new open matchmaking criteria formed on problem level

-Fixed a bug where a fasten actor could not see a NPC grabbed by a peer

-Fixed intels not unlocking for players entering a operation last, notwithstanding a goal being playable around goal sharing

-Fixed SAM incoming barb warning not being replicated in coop

-Fixed visible effects of a “don’t press me” symbol not replicating in shelter mode

-Fixed deficiency of movement in a helicopter sound in co-op

-Fixed Suppressors infrequently not replicating rightly when changing arms in a loadout

-Fixed a bug where a goal “the Agent” would be finished for usually one actor when a worker battery runs dry only after a review is finished

-Fixed a bug where a actor could not correlate with a convene indicate doorway if another actor finished examination a cinematic


-Type 95 LMG’s Extended magazines can now be used in-game on purchase

-Fixed a actor flourishing falls when adhering to a wall

-Player can no longer take cover behind damaged destructibles

-Fixed a actor spasmodic jolt when holding cover

-Fixed XP stranded for players in really singular occurrences

-Fixed a bug permitting a actor to disposed and glow by walls

-Fixed a bug where a actor couldn’t take cover when exiting a vehicle

-The Santa Muerte helicopter now has a same doing as a others helicopters

-Fixed vehicles not bursting when colliding with a train

-Fixed a bug permitting a actor to shave by walls with a motorcycle

-Fixed a bug where a Unidad warning turn could dump from 4 to 0 when a bolster call is cleaned

-The ADV Suppressor ability now scrupulously affects repairs rebate on all weapons.

-Fixed a bug where a arms would turn obsolete if versed in a loadout while a actor substituted weapons

-Fixed a bug where a actor could not re-equip a suppressor behind on Silencio once they noticed a arms but it in Gunsmith.


-Fixed Amaru not carrying a radio voice while travelling by helicopter

-Fixed blank sound outcome when a vessel collides with a shore

-Fixed SAM showing sound repeating itself if a actor exits a operation in time

-Fixed audio feedback on incoming missiles

-Improved radio calm randomization

-Fixed a bug where a AI teammates would repeat a same idle dialogues several times

-Fixed deficiency of sound when a helicopter crashes

-Fixed account dialogues replaying after any redeployment


-Fixed an occasional striking crime on a highway hardness when entering and exiting postponement menu

-Fixed striking crime when colliding a car with a rabble can

-Fixed a Unidad dress writing by a camera in First-person view

-Fixed a NPCs not positioning rightly when entering a 30° prone vehicle

-The womanlike ponytail braid is no longer writing with a Santa Muerte costume

-Fixed a singular bug causing fps drops on prolonged diversion sessions


-XP boosters now arrangement a series of hours they last

-“New car unlocked” pop-up won’t activate any time a car container is collected

-Fixed deteriorate pass appearing as damaged in a store when already purchased

-The “Compensator V2-SMG” can now be trustworthy to SMG’s


-Repositioned Legend collectible in a Media Luna province

-Fixed mixed places where a actor could get stuck

-Fixed several universe building glitches

-Fixed boats spawning on tip of any other in Agua Verde


-Fixed several crashes and glitches


-Multiple fortitude issues addressed

-Solved a localization problem with a store page

-Fixed a box where Task Force membership wasn’t scrupulously displayed

-Several Steam Controller tweaks and bug fixes

-UI control reminders now change automatically from controller to rodent and keyboard on rodent input

-Solved mapping conflicts when remapping subsequent or prior vehicle

-Fixed an emanate about a “hold” sign when redeploying on group mates

-Game denunciation can be altered from Uplay launcher

-The Loadout add-on is now organic when switching from Factions add-on with a controller

-Right click now edits a comparison arms slot

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