Published On: Sat, Dec 21st, 2019

Get Up To 50% Off Select Square Enix Games On Nintendo Switch This Christmas

@Chayshirin i’m astounded they removed they have Dragon Quest titles during all for this sale XD

But looking during a selection, they’re all titles, solely for Oninaki, that are underneath a 65-80$CAD(dunno how most that is in USD or British pound) prices of “primary” titles, being mostly rereleases/etc, so i’m not astounded that 80$CAD Builders 2 isn’t there.

This pronounced a fact that a Dragon Quest trilogy releases are there(and that there isn’t most some-more FF games to rerelease outward of a SNES/NES era), we consternation if there’s any chances 2020 will see some-more Dragon Quest rereleases.

I wouldn’t contend no to rereleases of a Zenithian trilogy DS epoch remakes with high fortitude support and maybe crisper sprites/3d sourroundings textures. And even though that it would still be something I’d exuberantly welcome.

Though a genuine understanding for me would be an HD remastered rerelease of DQ8 with rested HD-updated visuals of a PS2 chronicle though reward calm of a 3DS version. The cel-shading of 8 is really something that might sojourn a clever fit for a Switch though wanting too most of an renovate to sojourn applicable since it mostly felt that timeless.

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