Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2017

Get a “2-in-1 Lightning to Headphone Jack Charging Cable: 3-Pack” for Just $22

One of iPhone 7’s many talked-about underline (or miss of one, to be some-more precise) was Apple’s preference to mislay headphone jack. While a 3.5mm jack is decades aged and we should be happy to see it go, it’s not easy to run a Games of Throne marathon when we can possibly use a headphone or keep your phone on charging. What to do in scenarios like this? Well, we can possibly deposit in Apple’s AirPods – and risk losing them – or we can buy something available and crafty like this 2-in-1 Lightning to Headphone Jack Charging Cable.

Wccftech Deals is now charity we a 3-pack of this 2-in-1 Lightning to Headphone Jack Charging Cable during a 56% discount. Head over to a Deals page for some-more details.

2-in-1 Lightning to Headphone Jack Charging Cable: 3-Pack

You might have bought an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and quiescent yourself to a life of losing AirPods and other wireless headphones as we navigate life but a jack. Well, sire up! These 2-in-1 cables concede we to assign your iPhone 7 while still plugged in with your favorite headphones. Just block it in and we can use one side of a adapter to block in your connected headphones, and a other to send a assign to your phone from a wall. All your bases are covered.

  • Use your existent connected headsets or headphones with your new iPhone
  • Enhance audio knowledge by permitting connected listening
  • Charge your phone while listening to song with trustworthy Lightning adapter cord
  • Plug into iPhones as distant behind as iPhone 5 for retrograde compatibility

Details Requirements

  • Material: aluminum amalgamate and TPE wire
  • Length: 13.5cm
  • Lightning adapter
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Compatibility: iPhone 5 or later
  • Includes: 3 2-in-1 Lightning to Headphone Jack Charging Cables (white cord, black tips)

Original value: $49.99 | Wccftech Deals: $21.99 during 56% discount

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