Published On: Fri, Mar 1st, 2019

Get Discounts On Zelda, Metroid, Splatoon And More With The Latest European My Nintendo Rewards


The latest collection of My Nintendo diversion discounts for Europe has now left live, giving players a common possibility to squeeze some 3DS and Wii U games during ignored prices.

There are a grand sum of eleven games adult for grabs this time around, separate into dual groups. Nintendo describes a second organisation as a collection of “seven classical and must-have” Wii U games, and we’ve got to contend we totally agree. There are some shining games on offer here, even if some are a small old-fashioned interjection to newer releases.

As always, we can take advantage of these discounts by simply regulating a compulsory Gold or Platinum My Nintendo Points listed below.

  • [3DS] 40% off Ever Oasis: 160 Gold Points
  • [3DS] 20% off WarioWare Gold: 80 Gold Points
  • [3DS] 50% off Mario Golf (Virtual Console GBC): 80 Platinum Points
  • [Wii U / New 3DS] 50% off Pilotwings (Virtual Console SNES): 40 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: 200 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Virtual Console N64): 40 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off Splatoon: 160 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off Metroid Prime Trilogy: 80 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off Xenoblade Chronicles: 80 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off Pikmin 3: 100 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off Mario Kart 8: 240 Gold Points

Will we be holding advantage of any of these offers? Remember, your Gold Points can also be spent on Switch program directly from a eShop or a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, too.

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