Published On: Tue, Oct 24th, 2017

Gears Of War 4 Shows Off Updated Graphics In An Impressive 4K Xbox One X Trailer

True 4K Experience

Get prepared to knowledge unmatched clarity, brilliance and sum with loyal 4K visuals (3840×2160) in a Visuals Rendering Mode. Even if you’re personification on a 1080p screen, you’ll now notice a disproportion interjection to a 4K super sampled design that brings we a crisper, richer looking Gears diversion than you’ve ever seen before.


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High Dynamic Range provides increasing contrariety between lights and darks. Battling your approach by a lightning flurry in a windflare has never looked better. Gears of War 4 on Xbox One X supports a far-reaching tone progression for true-to-color clarification – customarily as a artists dictated – and now during 4K resolution.

Up to 60FPS For Ultra Smooth Gameplay

We’re vehement to announce Xbox One X owners will have dual Preferred Rendering Options to select from in Gears of War 4 – Visuals and Performance!


Put framerate first. For a initial time ever, Gears of War will play during adult to 60fps in 1080p in Campaign and Horde – all including aloft fortitude textures and some of a new extended graphical facilities accessible in Visuals mode.


Push graphical fealty to a max. This mode uses Ultra Quality Textures, a resources of new and softened graphical facilities all during 4K fortitude (3840×2160) interjection to a energy of Xbox One X. You’ll knowledge a same support rates you’ve come to design from Gears of War 4 – 30fps for Campaign and Horde. In both Rendering modes, Versus will run during a rock-solid 4K 60FPS (with adaptive fortitude scaling).

Dolby Atmos Audio Support

When personification Gears of War 4 on Xbox One, we now offer Dolby Atmos, that gives we immersive, relocating audio. The Dolby Access app lets we set adult your Dolby Atmos enabled home theater, TV, or sound bar for free, and lets we try or buy Dolby Atmos for Headphones, that gives we immersive sound on any headphones. Experience a abdominal sounds of Gears of War in a approach that will make we feel like you’re inside a action, customarily on Xbox One.

Enhanced Light Shafts

Also famous as God Rays, Enhanced Light Shafts yield true-to-life beams of object in a world. Prepare for jaw dropping lighting as a God Rays demeanour by gaps in a canopy of trees above you, or in nightfall conditions peeking by buildings and statues.

Dynamic Shadows

Shadows in Gears of War 4 are customarily pre-defined by an artist to accurately simulate a shadows objects in a universe would expel formed on a lighting. On Xbox One X, energetic shadows now conflict loyal to a lighting conditions and transformation of objects – for example, trees floating in a breeze will expel an accurate relocating shade on a belligerent – bringing a universe of Sera to life like never before.

Increased Draw Distances

With a energy of Xbox One X, we can say aloft fortitude textures during a serve stretch than ever before – formulating a aloft fealty design and crisper universe around you, even on a horizon.

Superior Reflections

We’ve pushed a aspect space reflections even serve to demeanour closer to as we would design in genuine life. Reflective surfaces now have a aloft clarification thoughtfulness of your impression – either that’s in a mirror-like thoughtfulness of water, or a muddied tone contemplative inlet of metal. It looks generally overwhelming on a DeeBee’s lead armor!

Enhanced Character Textures

With a aloft fortitude textures now accessible on console interjection to Xbox One X, characters uncover some-more fact from conduct to toe. They’ve never looked better!

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